Fabulous Goodie Bags!

drinking team with candies 2A fabulous bachelorette party calls for unique and awesome goodie bags! Turn our sipping jars into goodie bags and your guests will get a gift they will always use. The key to giving anyone a gift is to give them something they can actually use that won’t go to waste!

It’s such a cute idea to use these sipping jars as goodie bags that you can put all of your essential party favors in. Fill them with party mints, lip balm, nail files, lipstick pens or any little treats you want to give your guests!

Whatever you choose to put into the sipping jar, you’ll know for a fact the jar is a practical and perfect gift that your guests will continue to use after the party! Make sure you spice up your party with “goodie sipping jars” that your guests will love!

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